Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys
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Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys

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Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys

This year, are you on a vacation but don't want to bring your sex toys with you? That is not necessary! There are discreet and portable sex toys available for use anywhere in the world, regardless of the type of travel or holiday you have planned. With the help of my handy guide to travel-friendly sex toys, you can pack your suitcase with vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and other goodies, then once you're at your destination, find even better options. This tutorial on travelling with sex toys will teach you what to look for in a travel-friendly vibrator, how to carry your toys through airport security without looking tacky, and where to buy these understated but useful items on a low budget.

The Nations Where Sexual Toys Are Prohibited

There are a few qualities to look for in sex toys that are travel-friendly. These characteristics guarantee a highly thrilling, ultra-discreet, and hassle-free shared sex or masturbation experience while travelling. Thus, here's a helpful list of essential characteristics your travel-friendly sex toy should have before you throw any old vibrator or cock ring in your weekender bag or suitcase:


Make sure the sex toys you're carrying are lightweight and compact. A large, weighty sex toy is not something you want to carry around in your luggage or handbag. This is particularly true if you're going overseas, when you'll need as much room as possible for your luggage and to make sure it's as light as feasible.

Travel Lock Mechanism

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex ToysConsider how embarrassing it would be if your vibrating sex toy malfunctioned and turned on during a flight or while going through airport security. By choosing a vibrating sex toy with a travel-lock feature, you can simply avoid this awkward predicament. These days, many vibrators feature a travel lock; for more information, or in-depth internet evaluations of sex toys, visit the product page in question.

Simple to Charge

If you are travelling with a vibrating sex toy, you could bring extra batteries, but why not just get a rechargeable sex toy and save yourself the trouble? This eliminates the concern of USB-rechargeable sex toys running out of juice at a critical moment and allows them to be charged from any USB port or USB to mains connector. Before you go, make sure the power for your vibrating sex toys is available everywhere.

Waterproof Wearable Vibrator 


Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex ToysSex toys, which may be used for a range of pleasure settings and stimulation varieties, can be packed in your luggage to save room. For erogenous zone stimulation during foreplay or clit stim during sex, for instance, you can use a bullet vibrator both alone and with your spouse. To increase your options for pleasure, some vibrating cock rings come with a bullet vibrator that can be removed. You may change things up while you're away from home based on your preferences and mood thanks to these adaptable toys.

One of their best escorts in New York, who explores the world for sultry pursuits, was interviewed by Slixa. "I don't want to be stopped at customs with a bag full of sex toys!" she exclaimed. I must therefore always have a versatile vibrator with me.

While certain sex toys, like lipstick vibrators and keyring sets, are made with a modest aesthetic in mind, it's unlikely that you'll want to have your toys out on show on the bedside table at your hotel or next to the bathroom sink. Regarding travel-friendly sex toys, discretion refers to the volume of the device.

Try to choose portable, strong sex toys that are also silent when in use if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself when you go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Check out frank sex toy reviews online to get the real scoop on a toy's noise level as it might be hard to tell from a store's product page.

The Occupancy

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex ToysIt's one thing to find a quiet, compact, and potent sex toy to bring on vacation, but will it really work for you? When choosing from your current collection or going shopping for travel-friendly sex toys, keep the "O factor" in mind.

While you're abroad, will the toy you choose bring you to unprecedented levels of pleasure?

Extra Features to Take Into Account

Body-Safe Content

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys Prioritising your sexual health should always come first, even when you're on vacation. Make sure your travel-friendly sex toys are constructed of materials that are safe for your body in addition to taking safety procedures to ensure the safety of all your holiday sex. Non-porous materials that are safe for the body to use as sex toys include silicone and ABS plastic.

Get the lowdown on porosity, phthalates vs. phthalate-free, body-safe adult toy materials, and much more in my Sex Toy Materials Guide.

Maintaining organisation and neatness while on vacation or relaxing might be challenging. Choose sex toys that are simple to clean in between uses to avoid unnecessary effort when travelling. The greatest sex toys for uncomplicated hygiene are those that are waterproof since you can fully submerge them in soapy water, wash them well, and then pat dry with a fresh cloth.


Using discreet, efficient travel-friendly sex toys doesn't have to break the bank when taking a vacation. There are lots of small toys that are surprisingly inexpensive and work well no matter where you are in the world. See my list of the top affordable sex toys to learn how to identify the best deals and stay inside your budget.

When choosing a travel-friendly vibrator, dildo, or other sex toy, giving priority to the aforementioned attributes will help you bring along the greatest orgasmic enjoyment device for you. Anywhere in the globe that you are, you will always have a discrete, efficient, handy, portable, and fully charged toy at your disposal for all of your sensuous encounters.

How Can I Pass Through The Airport With My Sex Toys?

When taking sex toys on vacation, one of the biggest concerns is how to get past airport security and the trip without making any unpleasant discoveries. Whether you're going by car, plane, or sea, here are some pointers to ensure that your trip with sex toys is as discrete and easy as it should be:

Spend some time familiarising yourself with the laws and ordinances of the ports of departure and destination before you go on your journey. It's important to research the policies of various nations and airlines before you travel to ensure you know what is and isn't permitted.

Assemble Well

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toy.It can be tempting to travel with your sex toys in your carry-on bag rather than your baggage so you can always be near them. To prevent them from rattling around or unintentionally turning on when travelling, I do, however, strongly suggest packing them safely in your hold luggage (suitcase), nestled inside your folded clothes, and with the travel locks on.

While it may be entertaining to imagine yourself having three or more orgasms that are a mile high, in actuality, you won't have many opportunities to masturbate with a toy while travelling, and the danger of getting caught is definitely not worth it.

Take out the batteries.

Can't go without your go-to vibrator that runs on batteries? Prior to packing the toy, make sure the batteries are taken out and stored within your luggage in a secure location apart from the toy. This keeps your battery life intact so you can enjoy it to the fullest once you're in the comfort of your own hotel room. It also prevents any unintentional and awkward vibrations from your luggage while you're travelling.

Shut It Down

Use travel locks on your luggage in addition to the ones on your vibrating sex toys. This will make it more likely that your valuables will stay safe & hidden from curious eyes. It's recommended investing in a couple of strong padlocks if your bag lacks the integrated combination lock, as some do. My favourite locks are combination ones since I never have to worry about misplacing the keys!

Aside from being kinky, why not take advantage of the fact that you may travel with padlocks by bringing along some sultry bondage cuffs?

Where Can I Get Sex Toys That Are Travel-Friendly?

Like many others in these technologically sophisticated times, my preferred source for sex toys is one of the many online vendors of adult products. It's convenient and easy to shop for these private products from the comfort of your own home. You can easily find the kind of sex toy you want and take advantage of any deals or special offers.

Although there are a tonne of sex toy companies available online, there are a select few that are reliable, respectable, and have earned my complete trust over the years. They also have the greatest deals.

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