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Why Should You Try Mutual Masturbation?
05 January 2024

Why should you try mutual masturbation? Sex isn't just about giving and taking with your partner; you can still do you. Mutual masturbation is a sexual action in which you stimulate yourself in front of your lover. It's an excellent method to understand how your spouse prefers to be stroked, and

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys
02 November 2023

This year, are you on a vacation but don't want to bring your sex toys with you? That is not necessary! There are discreet and portable sex toys available for use anywhere in the world, regardless of the type of travel or holiday you have planned. With the help of my handy guide to travel-friendly s

How to Use an Egg Vibrator?
23 October 2023

One of my top recommendations for women looking for a covert, shameless personal massager for self pleasure is egg vibrators. They are also really simple to use!The vibrating egg sex toy is unique among female vibrators in that it provides the most discreet, unobtrusive, and easiest introduction to

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