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  • Dongguan Joyful Health Technology Co., Ltd-China Customized Adult Toys Manufacturer

    Dongguan Joyful Health Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2023, its predecessor is Dongguan ChangYun Technology Co., Ltd which has more than 8 years of experience in R&D, production, and sales of adult sex toys with our own brand V-Joyful. We are now developed into a top ten adult toy manufacturer in China.
  • Vibrator
    Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys for couples and solo play. From clitoral suction vibrators to G-spot vibrators or anal vibrators, We believe there's a vibrator out there for everyone, these sexual wellness products can help you destress, experience new sensations, or explore your body with a partner.
  • Anal Toys
    Anal toys are specially designed for fun backdoor play. Butts are full of pleasure points to explore, so all anal toys include special safety features, such as extra-large bases and retrieval rings, to make sure your backdoor adventure doesn't end with an embarrassing doctor's visit.

V-Joyful is an adult toys brand - China customized adult toys manufacturer with R&D, Design, Production and sales. Customer Quality and Delivery are our consistent center. Our whole production line adopts medical grade silicon materials and integrated injection molding process. Our team is in a leisure but high efficient environment to bring fashion design and high quality products. Since we established in the year 2023, we have obtained the FCC.CE, RoHs, Reach, MSDS UN38.3 and other certification on the way, and we design 4-6 new patent-able toys every month, on the road of continuous improvement of new designs and product quality, we never stop, there must be on toys are you looking for!


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What Materials Are Typically Used in The Construction of Sucking Vibrators?
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  • Q 1. What are Sex Toys?

    A Sex toys are objects or devices that are primarily used to facilitate sexual pleasure, such as a dildoartificial vagina or vibrator. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals, and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. The term sex toys can also include BDSM apparatus and sex furniture such as sex swings; however, it is not applied to items such as birth controlpornography, or condoms. Simply, sex toys are anything that makes sex better, more fun or more enjoyable.
  • Q 2. What can we do for you?

    A We are a professional manufacturer of Adult Sex Toys - China Customized Adult Toys Manufacturer.
    Our professional R&D and designer team and could provide customers with customized services in terms of logo design, package design, color design, and product research and development.

    All of our products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, and FDA certifications under the supervision of international testing laboratories. We use safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials to ensure our products meet the high standards.Our products are designed to offer customers a safe, pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

  • Q 3. What are your prices?

    A Prices based on the design and quantity. But don’t worry, our products are high quality with best price.


  • Q 4. Do you have a minimum order quantity?


    There is no MOQ for goods in stock. Only customized design has a small MOQ 500pcs.

  • Q 5. What is the average lead time?

    A For Stock, lead time is 1day after order confirmed.
    For customized, lead time is 10-15days based on the order quantity.
  • Q 6. What kinds of payment methods do you accept?


    T/T in advance, for big order,30% deposit, 70% balance after QC inspection before shipment.

  • Q 7. Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?

    A Sure, all of our products are 100% quality inspection before shipment.
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