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Water with Sex Toys: How To Play And Clean Up
14 December 2023

If you just have one day to enjoy your sex toys in water, make it December 5. It's Bathtub Party Time! It is an official celebration in the United States, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for adults all around the world to make a statement in their quest of sexual pleasure. Even if yo

What Exactly Is Anal Fingering?
05 December 2023

Anal Fingering 101: Do's and Don'ts, as well as the Best Techniques Against an Anal VibratorWhat exactly is Anal Fingering? Anal fingering is not dissimilar to vaginal fingering. It's a push-in, pull-out motion, only slower and more deliberately because the anus is more sensitive and prone to harm

Male Masturbation Techniques and Tips
13 November 2023

While women frequently arrange the setting before masturbation, men tend to pay little attention to when and where they masturbate. Fear of being caught in the act can sometimes force men to hasten the experience with only one aim in mind—ejaculation. This can lead to guys falling into a rut where

Travel-Friendly Guide to Sex Toys
02 November 2023

This year, are you on a vacation but don't want to bring your sex toys with you? That is not necessary! There are discreet and portable sex toys available for use anywhere in the world, regardless of the type of travel or holiday you have planned. With the help of my handy guide to travel-friendly s

Options for Storing Sex Toys: How To Covertly Store Adult Toys
02 November 2023

Having an excess of sex toys is a good thing, but after playtime is over, where should you put them? I can assure you that I am aware of how simple it is to become addicted to constantly adding fascinating new sex toys to your collection. Before you know it, all those amazing vibrators and dildos wo

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