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A Sex Toy Company for Everyone
05 January 2024

A Sex Toy Company for EveryoneAlthough it is worth more than $30 billion, the sex toy industry has historically not provided much in the way of items designed expressly for disabled bodies. Until now, that is.LuddiTM was developed in 2021 after co-founder Zachary Nielsen, a physiotherapist, was diss

How to Select the Best Sex Toy for You?
23 October 2023

While the abundance of sex toys offered to women is wonderful, it can also be quite overwhelming when deciding what you truly want to try...Hello! I'm Florence, and I'm the author of 'This book will make you feel something', the definitive guide to female masturbation. With my best friend Reed Amber

New popular mini vibrator sex toy with waterproof material and decent packing for beginners
24 August 2023

Genital nerve endings literally “developed to feel vibration,” says Carol Queen, PhD, a sex educator and staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, making vibrators the perfect tool to help you “explore sensation and arousal, get creative, and develop sexual interests and confidence.” By constantly checki

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