A Sex Toy Company for Everyone
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A Sex Toy Company for Everyone

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A Sex Toy Company for Everyone

A Sex Toy Company for Everyone

Although it is worth more than $30 billion, the sex toy industry has historically not provided much in the way of items designed expressly for disabled bodies. Until now, that is.

LuddiTM was developed in 2021 after co-founder Zachary Nielsen, a physiotherapist, was dissatisfied with the lack of accessibility in current sexual items - there were hardly no devices designed with accessibility in mind.

After discussing their disappointments with other co-founders Jasmine Nielsen and Robert Duff-Silsby, the three decided it was time to take action.

"After researching the market, we felt that so many people with disabilities were widely being ignored when it came to sexual pleasure," Robert said.

"Almost as if it was too taboo to bring up." Not only did the group lack access to assistive sexual equipment for various capacities, but it also lacked empowerment in discussing its sexual needs."

As a result, ZiggyTM was born. It has been described as the world's first sex toy to cater for all bodies, and it has been precisely developed so that all bodies can use it in a variety of various ways.

"There's a couple of really unique features of the Ziggy™," Robert enthused.

"Regardless of your sexuality or abilities, the shape provides a lot of flexibility." The curving wings fit around the thighs and are held in place by undergarments. The wings fold over and are held together by two built-in magnets, making it suited for both men and females."

The major aspect of ZiggyTM is its versatility, which allows users to "hump it, rub on it, tuck it into a harness or underwear, stroke their penis, or put it between two bodies."

ZiggyTM went into production after eight months of playdough sculptures and 3D printed prototypes. The trio, however, did not stop there. They set out to change this after noticing that many companies in the disability market were overlooking the luxury, accessible unpacking experiences that others in the non-disabled community enjoyed.

"We struggled to find enough examples of products that provided beautiful unboxing experiences in the same way that the rest of the community have access to," Robert goes on to say.

"Jasmine did an excellent job of locating someone who could add braille to the box, and the overall look and feel of the box came together quickly." These fantastic unboxing experiences will be a part of all future Luddi goods."

According to Robert, the feedback since debut has been tremendously joyful and optimistic, with some customers moved to tears by their experience.

"We haven't met anyone who isn't excited about finally having a product designed with them in mind, and that it's being discussed so openly and in public." People have been in tears while sharing their tales, and they are so pleased that sexual wellness is becoming more inclusive."

However, while things are improving, Rob believes there is still a disconnect between the sexual wellness industry and the disability sector, and that the key to bridging this gap is to have open conversations.

"The sexual wellness industry has grown rapidly, but the disability industry has yet to fully embrace it." "We hope that the ZiggyTM will encourage people to be open to owning their own sex toy and, more importantly, to be proud of it," Rob explains.

"We also hope to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to feel comfortable having these conversations within the healthcare industry." Not only with their clients, but also with the families and colleagues with whom they work."

"Improving the sexual health of the community is never just one person's job, so let's keep having the conversations."

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