Why Should You Try Mutual Masturbation?
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Why Should You Try Mutual Masturbation?

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Why Should You Try Mutual Masturbation?

Sex isn't just about giving and taking with your partner; you can still do you.

Mutual masturbation is a sexual action in which you stimulate yourself in front of your lover. It's an excellent method to understand how your spouse prefers to be stroked, and it can be really sexual and intimate.

Masturbating in the presence of another, on the other hand, can elicit emotions of guilt and humiliation, as well as be plain terrifying for others.

Masturbation has historically carried a bigger stigma than intercourse, which might lead to some anxiety about exposing your partner your sweet spots. But keep in mind that masturbation is a completely healthy, natural method to express yourself, and practically everyone engages in it.

Mutual masturbation within a relationship can take the attention off penetration and let you to explore new sensations, which can lead to better sex. It's also an additional way to feel close and sexually connected to your spouse when you're not in the mood for sex but want to get off. Furthermore, if you are separated by distance, reciprocal masturbation via the phone or FaceTime is really sexy.

Mutual masturbation, whether with toys or your hands, can lead to improved communication and sex in a relationship.

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Do you feel less intimidated now? Continue reading to learn how to get started.

Before you begin, keep in mind that the purpose of mutual masturbation is to please yourself, not to perform for your partner. Follow your instincts and do what seems right for you. If that involves making strange faces, positions, and noises while masturbating, so be it. Remember that confidence is the most enticing thing in the bedroom.

Bringing it into the bedroom

The way you and your spouse naturally communicate will dictate how you bring up joint masturbation. It may feel more comfortable for some to bring up in the heat of the moment, by saying something like "Show me how you like to make yourself come," or even "I want you to watch me touch myself."  Bringing it up outside the bedroom may work better for some.

If having a straight talk with your partner feels frightening, attempt making a yes/no/maybe list together. Make a list of sex acts, including mutual masturbation, and go through it with each other to decide what you'd both like to try, what you're both open to trying, and what is off the table. There could even be a'show and tell' element with your favourite sex item.

Checking in before, during, and after any intercourse is vital.

Mutual masturbation may begin with you stroking yourself before leading your partner's hands to duplicate those movements on yourself. You may find yourselves sitting on opposite ends of the room, stroking yourself, or laying on top of one another, stimulating yourself. However, keep in touch with your companion throughout the event. "Do you like that?" or "Do you want me to keep going?" can suffice. This can also be a fantastic technique to incorporate nasty words into the conversation.

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