What You Should Know Before Using A Penis Pump
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What You Should Know Before Using A Penis Pump

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What You Should Know Before Using A Penis Pump

A man wraps a white cushion across his body.

Non-drug solutions for many health issues have advanced significantly. A penis pump may be able to assist you if you're seeking for a specific gadget that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It's more than simply a couple's sex toy; it also promotes optimal sexual health in males by enhancing erectile function, especially after a radical prostatectomy.

So, how does a penis pump work? Penis pumps are classified into two varieties based on whether they are battery-powered (electric) or manual (non-electric). A penile pump, regardless of the type of gadget, is relatively simple to use. First, apply lube to the base of the penis and insert it inside the tube. Allow a vacuum to draw blood into the penis until it becomes erect by pressing the button or using the hand pump.  

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How to Use Penis Pumps for Male Enhancement

There are numerous sex devices available to help men make intercourse easier and more enjoyable. A penile pump is a common gadget that uses a suction mechanism to enhance blood flow into the penis, causing it to inflate and visually grow. This is also known as a vacuum constriction device in the medical world, and it is often used as a non-drug therapy option for erectile dysfunction.

To produce firmer and more engorged erections, most men utilize a penile pump right before sexual intercourse. While its benefits are typically transient, a penile vacuum pump can be an excellent solution for greater arousal and enjoyment during sexual activities.

Penis pumps can work electrically with batteries or mechanically, which means you or your partner must use it by hand. Here's a general description of how a vacuum pump can be used for penile enlargement:

1) Shave first, then put on the Pump.

It is recommended that you clip or remove excess pubic hair around the base of the penis if this is your first time utilizing a penile vacuum device. The pump includes a seal that guarantees the vacuum efficiently produces adequate suction without allowing any air to escape. As a result, ensuring that the skin surrounding the base of the penis is smooth will assist secure the device and prevent undesired hair from becoming trapped in the constriction ring.

2) Apply lubricant to the penis and insert it into the tube.

Using a penile pump that isn't properly lubricated might be unpleasant and irritating. Apply lube to the shaft up to the base before inserting your genitals into the tube to provide a comfortable penis pumping experience. A lubrication may also aid in the application of the cock ring after use to keep your erection.

After applying lubricant, carefully position the tube over the shaft until it reaches the base of the penis and remains close to the body. The lubrication can also help to secure the vacuum device's seal, preventing air or water leaks when pumping. The majority of penis pumps can be lubricated with water.

3) Start the electric pump or manually move it.

If you have a battery-powered penis pump, locate the button and press it to turn it on. Otherwise, you'd have to manually pump the device. You'll feel the vacuum causing suction as you pump, which promotes circulation in the blood veins of the penis.

When blood flows into the penile tissue, the penis visually swells and expands in size and stiffness. Most penis pumps also contain calibration marks on the side of the tube, allowing you to know when you've attained your desired penis size.  

4) Position the ring at the base of the penis

Depending on your desired penile growth, pumping with the gadget can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. When you have achieved your desired erection, turn off the device or finish pumping to release the suction.

Remove the device and place the penis ring around the base of the shaft to aid in the maintenance of the erection during intercourse. To avoid difficulties, you should make sure the ring does not stay on for more than 30 minutes.

Restore both your size and your confidence.

How Long Do Penis Pumps Have an Effect?

Penis pumps might help you create harder erections and achieve excitement during sexual activities. This gadget can significantly boost your total penile length and girth. The increased blood flow in your erectile tissue after pumping might lengthen your erection by 1 to 3 inches.

However, the effects are usually transient, and the erection can last for 15 to 30 minutes after pumping. Despite their short-term effectiveness, penis pumps are a viable treatment for males suffering from erectile dysfunction and other male genital problems. According to one study, using a vacuum erection device to assist extend the penis in patients with Peyronie's disease is a successful therapy.

Another study found that penis pumps gave satisfactory outcomes for erectile dysfunction patients. The results of a study of 1,500 penis pump users revealed that at least 92% of men were able to achieve a natural erection that allowed them to engage in sexual activity.

The gadget has also been demonstrated to improve patient and partner satisfaction in sexual intercourse when used on a regular basis. Some patients also reported having more sexual encounters after using a penile pump.

Is it safe to use penis pumps?

Yes, most penis pumps are generally safe and have few negative effects when used according to the directions. While there are over-the-counter devices, doctors can provide a prescription for an FDA-approved penile pump for erectile dysfunction treatment.

You can use a penis pump more than once each day as long as you utilize it correctly. Incorrect use of penile pumps can lead to a variety of adverse effects, including:

Minimal pain and bruising - If the tube is inserted incorrectly, you may have minor pain and bruising near the shaft's base. This can also happen if you forget to shave the pubic area, resulting in some hair being pulled within the device. Pumping too quickly may also result in greater bruising on the penile skin.

Petechiae are little, red dots that appear on the skin as a result of significant bruising or bleeding. This occurs when the pump exerts too much suction, resulting in a burst blood vessel and the appearance of a skin lesion. Fortunately, this is a transient side effect that will go away in 2 to 3 days.

Numbness or skin discoloration - Excessive use of a tight cock ring can put pressure on the penile area and hinder blood flow, resulting in temporary numbness and skin discoloration around the base of the penis. After 30 minutes, remove the penis ring to restore blood circulation. You can alternatively use a little wider constriction ring to reduce pressure and avoid unpleasant side effects.

Unnatural feeling erections - Some users may experience erections that do not feel natural or spontaneous, and some may be dissatisfied with the temporary effects. It may take some time to adjust to the effects and sensations of a penile pump.

Who Should Make Use of a Penis Pump?  

Men who have difficulty getting an erection owing to sexual dysfunction are the most prevalent users of penile pumps. It is the suggested treatment for erectile dysfunction signs and symptoms. Because of reduced testosterone levels, elderly age can raise your chances of developing erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and kidney illness, on the other hand, can all lead to poor erectile function.

An erectile dysfunction pump can also be utilized to aid in the healing and rehabilitation of patients who have had a radical prostatectomy. The prostate gland and its surrounding tissues are removed during this surgical surgery. Some men may experience erection problems following prostate surgery, which can have a negative impact on their quality of life. Using a penile pump may help them improve their ED symptoms and sexual wellness.

It may not be the ideal treatment option for men who have a prior blood problem or a clotting history. If you are currently using a blood thinning drug, you should reconsider using penis pumps because it may increase your risk of bleeding or bruising after pumping.

The Advantages of Using a Penis Pump

Penis pumps can be used recreationally to enhance sexual pleasure or medically to treat erectile dysfunction symptoms. It also provides various advantages for consumers' physical and mental wellbeing, including:

In patients with anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction, using a penile pump can assist stimulate erections.

A vacuum erection device can also boost sensitivity during sexual activities, resulting in more intense feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

Penis pumps are safe to use on a daily basis and can be more cost-effective in the long term than any ED medicine.

It is a noninvasive therapy option for moderate erectile dysfunction, thus surgery is not required.

It can be combined with other erectile dysfunction treatments such as penile injections or PRP therapy.

Types of Penis Pumps Used to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Users can select from a wide range of penile pumps. They are often classified based on the suction mechanism used to create pressure in the tube in order to expand the penis. The following are some examples of common types of penis pumps:

1) Penis water pump

Electric penis pumps are often built of hydro- or water-based technology, which employs warm water to create a suction force that stimulates the penis. To generate increased pressure for penis development, fill the tube with as much water as possible.

It is thought that using hydro vacuum technology for penile pumping can result in larger, firmer erections. Warm water may also better stimulate the penis and increase blood flow to the shaft, resulting in increased growth and girth.

2) Penis air pumps

Air-based penis pumps are another alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. They are the conventional type of penile pumps that work by creating an air vacuum that suctions blood into the penis to assist in achieving an erection. They can be battery-powered or manually controlled. One of its advantages is that it is less expensive and less dirty to operate than hydro-based penile pumps.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Penis Pump

With so many various brands and types of penis pumps available, deciding which one is ideal for you might be tough. In general, you should opt for a vacuum erection gadget that has all of the characteristics you need and is simple to use. Here are some of the elements to consider while choosing a penile pump:

Choose a penis pump with a quick-release valve mechanism that allows you to reduce the pressure instantly once you've achieved the appropriate length and firmness. This will help to lower the risk of pumping-related side effects and problems.

Pressure Gauge or Limiter: Look for a device that lets you to check how much pressure you're exerting to your penis. For a safer pumping experience, it should also contain a vacuum limiter that controls the pressure inside the tube.

Penis Pump Sleeve: It's also a good idea to have a penis pump with a soft pad or sleeve to act as a cushion and prevent skin chafing and irritation from the tube. It will also aid in the formation of a strong seal, allowing you to produce enough suction while pumping.

Constriction Ring: Select a device that has a penile ring that you can quickly put on after pumping. To assure your comfort and the maintenance of your erection, look for a rubber constriction ring.

Penis pumps are a great treatment for erectile dysfunction and can improve men's sexual health and performance. There should be no major issues or negative effects from a pumping session as long as you follow correct usage and don't forget to apply lubrication.

FACE Med Store is committed to offering the medical community with high-quality tools and supplies. We also provide products and medical gadgets to treat erectile dysfunction and improve penile rehabilitation. Call us today to inquire about our inventory or to learn more about how we might collaborate with your clinic.

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