The Ultimate Guide To Inserting A Prostate Massager Correctly
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The Ultimate Guide To Inserting A Prostate Massager Correctly

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The Ultimate Guide To Inserting A Prostate Massager Correctly

Inserting a prostate massager for the first time can be tricky. Which path should it take? How do you keep it contained? How do you quickly clean up?

We'll answer all of your burning questions regarding inserting a prostate massager for the first time.

Inserting a Prostate Massager

The first step is to become acquainted with your prostate massager.

Let's get acquainted with a prostate massager before learning how to insert one.

1 The p-spotting curve: There's a reason why prostate massagers are curved. They are intended to apply continual pressure and stimulation to the prostate gland (the p-spot), which is located on the upper rectum wall and extends toward the bladder. A curved massager is effective.

2 The bendy bottom component of the prostate massager serves two purposes: it holds the massager in place and it stimulates the prostate (called the perineum).

3 Rimming stimulation is occasionally provided via the massager's rimmer base. Wake, our remote-controlled prostate massager, has 360-degree rotating rimming beads that stimulate the anus when it is fully inserted.

Wake stimulates you in three ways at once: the prostate, anus, and perineum.  

Here's how to properly install a prostate massager.

We've reduced the technique down into simple bite-size steps to assist you ease into inserting a prostate massager correctly.  

Avoid skipping the lubricant phase and inserting a prostate massager too quickly or without a "warm-up." Both errors may result in injury.

Prepare the bum and the toy and gather cleaning supplies.

Prep the bum: It's fairly uncommon for people to empty their bowels 1 to 2 hours before anal sex. This helps to guarantee that there are no feces in the rectum. Some people prefer to take an enema. These bum preparations are typically performed when sharing the prostate massage session with a companion.

Make sure your buttocks and sex toy are thoroughly clean before you begin. Even if your toy is fresh new, use a gentle cleanser to clean it.

Clean-up prep: The next step is to make sure you have the resources you need for a quick cleanup: towels, wet wipes, condoms for your toy, and/or finger play gloves.  

Condoms are ideal for inserting a prostate massager because you can quickly clean the area by removing and discarding the condom after use.

Step 1: Relax your tummy muscles and find a comfortable position.

When inserting anything into the bum, it is critical to relax your sphincter. If your sphincter, a ring-shaped muscle that encloses the rectum, is too stiff, you may have difficulty reaching your prostate. A stiff sphincter may lead the toy to graze rather than pinpoint the prostate.

If your sphincter is constantly tense, you may want to try anal training, which involves training the sphincter muscles to relax.  

Finding the posture in which your bum is most relaxed is essential. This can be difficult and requires trial and error.

For starters, enter the toy while lying on your back, knees, or side with one knee up toward your belly.


Step 2: Become aroused and warm up the area with your finger.

Do not come in cold. When you insert a prostate massager, you should be sexually aroused and "warmed up" to anal stimulation.

Begin by inserting a lubricated finger and allowing your body to adjust for a few moments. Take things slowly here. If you want to get things started, you can also manually stimulate the prostate.

Feel free to stroke the penis or excite the testicles as well. Before inserting a prostate massager, raise your arousal level. (Just don't give in to orgasm just yet.)

This relaxes those sphincter muscles, making it easier to receive the massager and producing more pleasure.

Step 3: Lubricate it (A MUST)

Rectums do not make their own lubricant. You must factor that into your calculations. On both the toy and the anus orifice, use a water-based, toy-safe, silicone-free lubrication.

Don't be afraid to use lube. The less friction there is, the better you will feel.

Consider XOXO, a pump bottle lubricant that is ready when you are. (A one-handed application is quite useful!)

Step 4: Only use the vibrator at the anus entrance.

This is optional, but using the massager's vibrator function simply on the opening of your anus can help everything relax even more. As you use the vibrator, your sphincter will become more relaxed.

This is an excellent first step for individuals who are new to anal play.

Step 5: Insert gently and carefully, with the curve toward your belly.

The prostate is located inside the body, near the penis.

So, make sure the toy's curve is facing the front of your body (not your back) and insert the prostate massager softly, slowly.

Pay attention to your body. Stop if you feel any pain.

Instead of moving the prostate massager back and forth, move it upward into the rectum. The idea is to keep the prostate under continual pressure.

Your body will communicate to you; if you're relaxed enough to receive the toy, you won't encounter much resistance and can proceed.

If you detect tenseness, slowly insert the toy and concentrate on relaxing the bum.

Step 6: Use a remote control prostate massager or elevate your rectum muscles.

If your prostate massager has a remote control (which all of the better ones have), use it to activate the vibration. Start with the lowest setting and work your way up.

Once the massager is fully entered, it may be beneficial to "lift up" the anus muscle in a pulse-like action. This could increase stimulation.

Three pointers for individuals who are new to anal play

Finally, here are three extra advice for people learning how to insert a prostate massager for the first time.

Make use of your breath

Pair any new movement (such as inserting the prostate massager or a finger) with an out-breath, similar to the concept of breath in yoga. Breathe in deeply and slowly, and as you exhale, relax your body while stimulating.

Pay attention to your body and go slowly.

Your body will alert you to its limitations. When inserting a prostate massager, don't proceed too quickly. Nobody starts squatting 215 pounds on their first strength training session at the gym. They gradually build up to that.

You may injure your body if you do too much too quickly.

Begin slowly and gradually increase stimulation.

Stimulate the penis and testicles as well.

Don't overlook other sources of pleasure while researching prostate stimulation. As you approach prostate orgasm, lightly rub your penis or stimulate the testicles.

Creating familiar pleasure experiences while exploring something new is always a wonderful idea.

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