Options for Storing Sex Toys: How To Covertly Store Adult Toys
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Options for Storing Sex Toys: How To Covertly Store Adult Toys

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Options for Storing Sex Toys: How To Covertly Store Adult Toys

Having an excess of sex toys is a good thing, but after playtime is over, where should you put them? I can assure you that I am aware of how simple it is to become addicted to constantly adding fascinating new sex toys to your collection. Before you know it, all those amazing vibrators and dildos won't fit in your bedside drawer. What additional choices are there for storing sex toys? How should adult toys be discreetly stored?

Options for Storing Sex Toys: How to Covertly Store Adult Toys

Gathering every single sex toy and bondage item in one place can help you determine the actual quantity of the collection you have before exploring your alternatives for storing them. My best advice is to cover the bed with a huge bath towel, then spread out every single sex equipment you own on top of it. You'll then be able to gauge the size of your collection. You should use this chance to consider if you truly need every toy you now own.

Before deciding on the best storage solutions for the toys you still have, I strongly suggest you to read through my extensive writing about how to recycle your old sex toys and how to spring clean your collection of sex toys.

You're in the greatest position to select the ideal sex toy storage for your tiny orgasmic beauties now that you've gone through your toy collection and know exactly what you need to store and what you should preserve. What is your collection of sex toys? I created a poll on X (previously Twitter) to find out how many adult toys other people owned. The outcomes were quite intriguing!


Options for Storing Sex Toys: How to Covertly Store Adult Toys

More than half of those surveyed have a collection of between 10 and 75 medium-sized sex toys, including equipment for bondage. Nevertheless, over 40% have a collection of one to ten, which is tiny, in my opinion. Nearly 10% possess a colossal collection consisting of hundreds of things.

What are the greatest methods for covertly & safely storing your bedroom essentials? Continue reading to learn about my suggested sex toy storage solutions for adult toy collections that are small, medium, and huge.

One to ten small sex toys in the collection

Options for Storing Sex Toys: How to Covertly Store Adult ToysI would suggest keeping your little collection of sex toys (up to ten pieces) in a dedicated sex toy case or in separate pouches by your nightstand drawer. Get rid of the weird socks you've been hiding your dildos in and the food bags holding your cock rings and bullet vibes; at most, they served as temporary storage.

Beautiful zip-up bags are available from Lovehoney (check out the Happy Rabbit Silicone Zip Up Storage Case at lovehoney.com/lovehoney.co.uk) and the Liberator line (I'm in love with the lockable Liberator Tallulah Toy Case, which comes in a variety of colours).

Lovehoney offers a medium-sized lockable sex toy case at lovehoney.com/lovehoney.co.uk if a hard case is more your taste and appropriate for your collection.

Options for Storing Sex Toys: How to Covertly Store Adult ToysIt's highly recommended that you also look into Joyboxx (SheVibe/UberKinky). With its hidden ventilation and antibacterial properties, this lockable box allows your toys to dry completely after washing and be discreetly kept. Your USB charging lead can be plugged in and left hidden, allowing you to charge your sex toys while they're concealed. Up to ten sex toys can fit comfortably, or perhaps more depending on the size and shape of your toys. Having a play tray keeps your collection tidy and orderly.

A specialised pouch or case is a smart purchase for your expensive deluxe sex toys to make sure the star of your collection is kept secure & clean in between uses.

You can place your Magic Wand to rest in a leather-look soft storage case from lovehoney.com/lovehoney.co.uk before putting it beneath the bed or in the bedside drawer.

The ingenious Blowmotion penis masturbator has a casing as well: lovehoney.com/lovehoney.co.uk.

Or browse the complete selection of sex toys for storage to find the ideal container or pouch for your most valuable pleasure items:

Ten+ pieces in the Medium Sex Toy Collection

Having individual pouches or a hard case from a sex store would not be sufficient if you own more than roughly ten bondage or sex toys. Is the drawer by the bed too big? Is the storage space beneath the bed becoming too crowded for you to quickly locate what you need? Your toy storage needs to be updated.

You can tidy up your bedroom supplies and fix your disorganised toy problem in a few different ways.

To match the décor of your bedroom, consider a fold-out lidded box like this storage box from Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk, which comes in a range of hues. You may even use it as the stool for your dressing table; it just looks like another piece of furniture in your space.

You could use a basket drawer system, like this one from Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk, to make a "sex toy filing cabinet." If you don't have enough goods to fill every basket, designate one for lubricants, another for charging leads, and so on.

Consider installing an overdoor shoe organiser for the back of your bedroom door (or, if you're fortunate enough, your en-suite door) if maintaining complete discretion in your personal space isn't a concern. An overdoor shoe organiser such as this one from Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk is really affordable, allows you to instantly see all of your sex toys and bondage equipment, and keeps them all neatly divided and sorted. You may keep any charging cables in the toy's bag, and you can utilise any extra pockets to hold lubricant, condoms, wipes, or other tiny necessities for sex.

Large Collection of Sex Toys (almost 75 pieces)

Have you gone through your collection and are still in disarray from how many vibrators, dildos, gags, and bondage cuffs you have? Large sex toy collections require careful planning on how to best arrange and store them so you can quickly reach them all when needed. You should also maintain the collection in a secret but secure location and make an investment in something big enough to hold them all.

Options for Storing Sex Toys: How to Covertly Store Adult ToysI have evaluated adult products for over 14 years, so it should come as no surprise that I have an extensive collection of sex toys. I suggest keeping the sex toys you use frequently in the drawer by your bed, and storing the others somewhere secure. You may read about my "handy grab collection" and the sex toys that I keep in my bedroom drawer in my favourite sex toys blog post.

Now that you have everything else in your bedroom sorted, divide it up into sex toys and bondage gear. Numerous sizable chests, trunks, or ottomans are available that can be positioned at the foot of your bed to mimic additional furniture in your space. This one from Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk is appealing to me. They can range in price from fold-out models to solid wood ones that you might secure with a padlock.

Making the entire bed into a storage area for sex toys is an additional choice!

With drawers on one or both sides of the base, divan beds allow you to categorise your belongings and keep them all conveniently accessible for when the mood strikes. This one from Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk appeals to me since I adore a high headboard and it has drawers on both sides.

With hydraulic raise beds, the entire area beneath your mattress is visible and ready to hold all of your sexiest belongings. This is a very ingenious and covert way to keep all of your products organised, but it does require you to gather everything you need before curling up and "getting down to business" on the bed. If not, before returning to playing, you'll need to get out of bed, elevate the mattress and collect. There are many other models to select from, but this sleigh-style hydraulic lift-up bed from Amazon.co.uk is really lovely (additional styles available at Amazon.com).

Have You Thought About?

Prior to and throughout the process of organising your toys into their new storage options, there are a few more crucial things to think about:

Have you sorted through all of your toys, recycling or throwing away those that are too old, dangerous, or broken?

Are there lockable methods for storing your sex toys if discretion is a top concern for you?

Do you take frequent trips? If so, do your sex toys have portable storage, travel locks, simple charging techniques, and quick access while you're on the go?

Are your sex toys and bondage equipment still readily available in the designated storage area?

Have you found and organised all of the docks and charging cables for your rechargeable sex toys? Labelling the wires with my DYMO labeller (Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk) helps me to quickly link the correct wire to the appropriate toy.

Remember to check that all of your lubricants are stored correctly and are up to date. Which lubricant works best for using with your sex toys and throughout any sexual encounters? Read my extensive guide on lubricants to learn more.

Is it time to update your assortment of erotic toys? Why not acquire a brand-new, sultry gift for yourself and your significant other to enjoy separately or together? Remember to check out my selection of coupon codes to save money on your sultry purchases.

Uncertain about what to purchase? See what I'm utterly infatuated with by reading my reviews of numerous sex toys and bondage equipment.

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