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15 Vibrator Facts That Everyone Should Know
14 December 2023

More than half of individuals with vaginas and almost half of those with a penis use a vibrator during sex.123 However, there is a lot of mystery around these hot sex gadgets. Are vibrators only for masturbation, or may they improve the quality of partnered sex? Who created the Rabbit feeling, and w

What Exactly Are Vibrators?
14 December 2023

Medically C. Nicole Swiner, MD reviewed this on July 5, 2023. WebMD created this article. Contributors to the Editorial BoardVibrators are sexual stimulation devices that are worn on the body. Modern vibrators, often known as massagers, generate vibrations or pulses using electronic power. Vibrators

How to Select the Best Sex Toy for You?
23 October 2023

While the abundance of sex toys offered to women is wonderful, it can also be quite overwhelming when deciding what you truly want to try...Hello! I'm Florence, and I'm the author of 'This book will make you feel something', the definitive guide to female masturbation. With my best friend Reed Amber

Cleaning Sex Toys Guiding
23 October 2023

Vibrators, dildos, and anal toys come into direct touch with biological fluids, so knowing how to clean them correctly is essential. Cleaning your sex toys does not have to be difficult, but the consequences of not doing so might be."Using unclean sex toys can potentially introduce unwanted bacteria

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