How To Have Tantric Sex Slowly And Consistently
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How To Have Tantric Sex Slowly And Consistently

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How To Have Tantric Sex Slowly And Consistently

There may come a time in your life when you simply want to slow down, breathe, and appreciate the small things. If you're weary of the same old 'pump and dump' routine in the bedroom, tantric sex may be just what you're searching for.

You may have heard about it and wondered, 'how to have tantric sex?' What exactly is it, and do you require anything to get started? We'll show you how it's done and what you need to know in this article.

What exactly is Tantric Sex?

First, let's dispel any misconceptions regarding tantric sex. If the words 'tantric sex' conjure up images of odd, pseudo-sex stuff involving hypnosis and the like in your mind, it's better to let them go. Tantric sex is also not frenetic sex--quite the opposite.

If you've tried meditation before and have experience entering a mindful state, you're on the right route. Tantric sex is the polar opposite of a quickie in that you and your partner will not have to race to the finish line, i.e., climax and go about your business. Tantric sex has no time restriction or constraints, and if you have enough free time, you can probably perform it for hours on end.

Tantric sex is characterized as "mindful lovemaking" in which the physical aspect is only one component. Rather of focusing on climax and ejaculation, the goal of tantric sex is to enjoy each other intimately while exploring the sensuous components of sex. Along the way, you can incorporate a few things to change up the atmosphere, such as sex toys, positions, and doing it on a tantric sex chair. Your preferred sex doll store.

How to Quickly Learn Tantric Sex

It's odd to want to learn about a slow and intimate procedure as quickly as possible, but in this fast-paced environment, who can blame you? However, there are various ways to expedite the process and learn more about tantric sex.

The first option is to meet with a professional in person. You can learn about attentive exploration of the sensual self in person by scheduling an appointment with a tantric sex therapist. A few sessions should be enough to give you and your partner the confidence to give it a shot. If you have the financial means, attending tantric sex therapy can be one of the greatest methods to learn about tantric sex.

You can also browse book stores and digital websites to find the best tantric sex novels. Based on client feedback, choose which ones are worth purchasing. Tantric sex for beginners is advised for novices, but those who have had one or two sessions can buy books that teach advanced tantric sex practices.

There are a few things you should know and prepare for before engaging in tantric sex. Setting a decent time, making a safe and comfortable setting, practicing meditation and breathing methods, and introducing sex toys are just a few of the more significant elements you should check off the list.

When Is It Best to Have Tantric Sex?

One thing to keep in mind is that tantric sex should not be rushed or squeezed in between work and daily duties. Tantric sex should be done when you have at least an hour to yourself and your partner. The longer you can stay connected, the better the conclusion and result.

Indeed, you should both be in a state where you are not constantly checking the clock. A long weekend, a vacation, or a few days off are all examples of ideal times for tantric sex.

Make a Secure and Comfortable Environment

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Make sure you have everything you need within easy reach for both of you. Fewer interruptions imply more closeness and a continuous sexual flow. Tantric sex settings can be as simple or as lavish as you wish, but they should all be comfortable and promote a relaxed state.

The place can be your bed or a small section of any room where you want to enjoy tantric sex. Add some pillows, burn some fragrant candles, or play mood-appropriate music. If you intend to use massage oil, a sex toy, or a tantric sex chair, keep it nearby.

Also, the room or location should be comfortable in terms of temperature, so you can stay in the zone even when things get hot and heavy. Consider using an air conditioner or heater (depending on the season) to get the most out of your tantric session. Listen to your partner's suggestions for making the room more comfortable for both of you.

Enter the Tantric State

We've arrived to the heart of tantric sex: meditation and precise breathing methods. It is advised that you enter a state of attention before touching each other. You can also conduct mindful exercises to cleanse your thoughts of problems and allow yourself to focus on the present moment.

Breathing is a great technique to get started. Deep breathing requires you to inhale long and deeply through your diaphragm, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale strongly and through your mouth. 4-5 seconds of inhalation and exhalation should suffice. Then, as you do so, deliberately relax your shoulders and any other areas of your body that are tense.

The 'breath of fire' is yet another breathing method for entering a mindful state. Change the pace and take 2-3 deep breaths each second through your nose. Pay attention to your stomach and how it moves. Return to normal breathing after 15-20 seconds and maintain it for the same length of time. Then repeat the 'breath of fire' to feel the energy increase.

Finally, try an erratic breathing technique to renew your mind and give you something to focus on. Inhale for around 4 seconds via your nose, then hold for 7 seconds. Breathe out and hold the state for roughly 8 seconds to complete the cycle. Repeat 3-5 times, paying attention to your breathing and counting.

Touch and Tantric Foreplay

It's time for intercourse once you're comfortable and calm. You should have arrived at the present moment and be fully aware of what you're doing. Remember to manage your breathing and concentrate yourself on a regular basis.

To connect with your spouse, you can use all five senses during foreplay. You'll begin to see your partner in a new way as you touch, taste, smell, gaze, and hear. The varied sensations can thrill and titillate, but remember to stay grounded and aware of your surroundings. Holding your hand over your partner's heart while they breathe is an excellent example. Eye contact is essential, especially when you're facing one other.

Increase your actions gradually with a yoni or lingam massage, with the purpose of connecting rather than obtaining orgasm. Experiment with the experience using massage oil or a skin-safe lubricant. Allow yourself to relax into a thoughtful state when things become agitated; remember, the longer it goes, the better.

Tantric sex does not have to be serious; objects can be added to make things more entertaining or diversified. Tantric sex cards and energizing toys are just a few examples. You should use a relaxing oil so that you don't have to work so hard to go back into a focused state. If you want to learn more about tantric sex, we recommend watching tantric yoga sex videos and reading tantric sex books.

Arriving and departing, Ascending and Descending

Tantric sex aims to postpone climax and have slow and extensive foreplay. When either of you is in an orgasmic state, briefly detach the touch and let things settle. While waiting, lock eyes or breathe deeply into each other. Otherwise, give slow caresses and concentrate on other things, such as their skin, hair, or lips.

Spooning, also known as 'tiger position' in tantric language, is the best sex position for individuals who want leisurely sex. The donor embraces the receiver from behind and penetrates either the vagina or the anus. Because of their close proximity and the speed at which sex occurs (it's difficult to conduct a fast and furious approach), it's a must-try for tantric sex beginners.

Sex gadgets can certainly add spice to the tantric game. Aside from energy-infused or crystal toys, you can include a tantric sex chair, play a game with tantric sex cards, or experiment with different positions until you find one that you prefer. The same rule applies while playing with sex toys: figure out how it works, liberally apply lubricant, and enjoy the experience. Options for Sex Toy Stores.

The Notorious Lotus

The Lotus is possibly the most popular tantric sex position. It may appear complicated at first, but once you've mastered the positions, everything will make sense. The provider sits cross-legged on the floor, while the receiver sits facing him or her. Again, the near closeness allows for personal cuddling and staring. Penetration is accomplished with a slow rocking motion, taking care not to become very excited and climax.

Yes, the cowgirl can be used in tantric sex and provide tremendous advantages for both parties. The provider lies down on a soft surface and relaxes, while the receiver sits down and 'ride' the penis. Hands can be used to further caress the skin and other erogenous zones. Clit stimulation is at its peak, so take it slowly and exit if it becomes too intense.

Tantric Sex Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Does Tantric Sex Take?

That is entirely up to you and your partner, although the typical range is between an hour or two and four or five hours. The objective is to put time and pressure aside and simply enjoy yourselves sexually, spiritually, and intimately.

Tantric sex is perfect for people who want to slow things down and connect with their partners on a deeper level. Because of the production of oxytocin throughout the activity, it reduces stress and tension. It's generally beneficial to your health and relationships.

While there is a connection between tantric sex and the Kama Sutra, they are not the same. Sure, the book has tantric sex position ideas, but that's all there is to it.

Follow the steps in our guide above to learn about recommended breathing techniques and how to slow down. Create an environment in which you may both be open and vulnerable to each other. To complete the scene, light some candles, switch on the aromatherapy, and stock up on sensual oils. If you don't have the room, you can join up for tantric sex retreats for couples.

Is it permissible to use any sex toy during tantric sex?

Yes, as long as it matches with the concept. Crystals are a popular toy, and crystal eggs or wands that can be used for yoni or lingam massages are also popular.

Tantric sex can be a welcome diversion from the hectic pace of most couples' lives. It's like taking a much-needed vacation in the privacy of your own bedroom. Remember, the idea is to move slowly and appreciate each other's bodies as well as your entire beings.

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