An Introduction To Anal Sex Toys
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An Introduction To Anal Sex Toys

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An Introduction To Anal Sex Toys

If you're intrigued about "butt stuff" but nervous about receiving the information you need, you're not alone! In my experience as an educator, anal play questions are among the most common, and many people find it difficult to discuss at first.

I'm here to inform you that every sex educator understands how taboo or uncomfortable it can feel to reveal your interest in booty play, and that we all consider it as a perfectly normal desire and a source of wonderful pleasure for many people. Anal sex is fantastic because everyone has a butt, and they all have a lot of sensitive nerve endings, thus everyone can enjoy it regardless of gender or sexual orientation. There are also several ways to please those nerve endings, ranging from lips to fingers to penises, penetrative and non-penetrative, gentle and rough. Of course, there are numerous toys to enjoy! Today, we'll look at the various types of toys available, what they perform, and how to make sure you're obtaining the correct ones for your body.

4.Adult Toy Wolfs

First, some anatomy.

When it comes to the toys available for your anus, there are a few things you should know about its anatomy. To begin with, the pudendal nerve branches directly surrounding the opening, as well as into the vulva and penis, and it responds to friction and vibration. This means that not only can you get pleasure from direct stimulation of those nerves, but you can also have pleasure in your genitals indirectly from anal play. Internally, the rectum nerve endings respond to feelings of pressure and fullness.

You have two sphincter muscles: one external at the anus opening and one internal less than an inch inward, below the rectum. The external sphincter can be tightened or relaxed consciously. Because your neurological system controls your internal sphincter, relaxing it requires you to be relaxed. The rectum and anal canal are very elastic, but they must be treated with caution and patience to avoid harm.

Finally, for those who have penises, there is the prostate gland, which is located outside the rectum but can be massaged through the rectum wall (an location known as the "P-spot"). It's about three inches above the anus and to the front of the torso. Massage feels wonderful and is helpful for prostate health—a win-win situation!

Barriers and lubricants

Although neither of them are toys, they are the most vital product category for any anal activity. Let's start with lube—you're going to need it! Butts do not lubricate themselves, therefore applying lubricant is a crucial aspect of avoiding pain and harm to the sensitive tissues inside. Never skimp on anal sex lubricant!

You may discover that you like one lubrication for anal intercourse and another for other sorts of sex. A thicker lubrication will last longer and provide more "cushion" for anal action. For its consistency, we favor the aloe-based Good Clean Love; Sliquid's water-based lubes are also popular. I propose going to a decent adult store where you may try lubes from testers. Inquire about the staff's recommendations for a thick non-silicone lube.

A "lube launcher" or "lube shooter" is another contraption that some people like using. These are typically smooth plastic syringes that can be filled with lubricant and inserted into the anus to give lube internally. People who use them usually enjoy them since they help to reduce mess and get more lube into action. They're optional, although they can come in handy.

A word of caution: Numbing creams are sometimes sold alongside lubes or anal sex equipment. We do not advocate purchasing them. Aside from the fact that the numbing drugs may be damaging to the body, the concept itself is hazardous. If you're suffering pain as a result of anal play, it's an indication that you need to stop or slow down and address the source of the pain—not "soldier through" and ignore or numb it out!

Barriers (condoms, dental dams, gloves, finger cots) are not required for usage with toys, but they can help with cleanup. Barriers are an excellent idea if you're using toys for butt play that you'll also use with another partner or for other sex activities. Gloves and finger cots (similar to condoms for your fingers) might make a nervous partner feel more at ease using their fingers to penetrate while also protecting your anus and rectum from fingernail scratches.

Butt Plug Fundamentals

Most people think of butt plugs when they think of anal sex toys, and for good reason: these toys exist in an almost unlimited variety of sizes, shapes, girths, and weights. If you're new to anal play, a little and/or skinny plug is a terrific beginner toy that not only introduces you to the sensation of penetration, but also allows you to become used to the sensation of having something up there.

The first thing to look for in a butt plug is a flared or wide base (never put anything in your booty that could accidently go all the way inside—it'll almost certainly require an ER visit to get it out!) Second, it is a body-safe material, such as silicone or steel. Don't save money by purchasing a cheaper plug manufactured from that type of jelly material (the kind that constantly smells like chemicals), because they are not body-safe, cannot be fully cleaned, and can create a burning feeling.

Some plugs come in training kits with progressively increasing diameters. We love B-vibe's starting set since it not only has graduated sizes (also, the medium vibrates and the big is weighted!) However, it also comes with a lube shooter, enema bulb, travel case, and a 50-page instruction guide.

However, plugs (ha! See what I did there?) aren't simply for inexperienced players. Many anal players like larger, weighted plugs, such as those in our Bound collection rainbow steel, since the pressure and fullness feel amazing against the nerves in the rectum. Some of them mix a plug's structure with the shape of bulbs or knobs that feel pleasant when pushed in and out. Plugs can be worn while going about your daily activities for a little covert stimulation or while engaging in other types of sex play. Many people enjoy the sensation of double penetration that comes from wearing a plug during vaginal penetration.

You can even be whimsical—plugs are frequently designed with funny animal tails or other accessories that screw and unscrew from the base of the plug (we had one with a cowbell attachment, because sometimes butt sex requires MORE COWBELL!)

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