Teledildonic Sex Toys are sweeping the globe. What you should know!
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Teledildonic Sex Toys are sweeping the globe. What you should know!

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Teledildonic Sex Toys are sweeping the globe. What you should know!

Teledildonic Sex Toys are sweeping the globe. What you should know!

What is the New Sex Toy That's Taking Over the World, and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

The advancement of technology has brought us many profound and significant technologies, and teledildonics is the latest fad this year. Maggie May introduces us to a new frontier of adult toys that are bringing people together like never before.

Think about it... You're at yet another dull sales meeting when you suddenly feel it deep inside you, pulsing. You try to maintain a straight face and sit still, hoping no one notices. You thank your lucky stars that the irritating Marketing guy is giving another PowerPoint presentation (again), because the conference room lights are turned off. Your face begins to flush red. And just as you take your final great gasp, the PowerPoint fades to black, the lights turn on, and your colleague next to you is astonished to find you all ruffled and says, genuinely concerned, "Are you OK?"

3.Dildo Vibrators Clitoralis

No, your guy is not hiding beneath the conference table. In fact, he is on the other side of the world, far away from you.

Teledildonics (or remote sex toys) are conquering the world by storm and will be the rage in 2020. These clever little devices can elevate long-distance (or even short-distance) relationships to new heights.

Remote sex is, of course, nothing new. When a couple was separated by time and space in the days before cybersex, they would communicate by writing each other steamy passionate letters. Of course, it didn't take long for disconnected lovers to discover phone sex after Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone. Sexting, "Call me" phone sex, and webcam sex are now available. But it was a long time ago, people!

Telepathic Sex Toys

We all know and agree, I'm sure, that the mind is the body's sexiest organ, and remote sex is exactly what the doctor ordered. When it comes to linking people who aren't in the same location, teledildonics has been a game changer, and the technology it employs is extremely astounding - even if it is still in its infancy.

"The body's sexiest organ is the mind, and remote sex is exactly what the doctor ordered."

So, how exactly does it work?

Assume Mrs. S lives in Australia. She is equipped with a teledildonic, a high-tech dildo packed with touch sensors. Mr. X, whom she met online, lives in the United States. His teledildonic is a pulsating and contracting penis sleeve. The two use a remote sex toy software and a video app to connect their sex toys so they can see and hear each other. When the woman strokes, fellates, or inserts her dildo within her, the guy feels his sleeve squeezing and pulsing in real time, simulating her touch, mouth, and vagina. The sensations are eerily similar to the genuine thing.

Likewise, the guy may have an artificial vagina equipped with touch sensors, while the woman has a vibrator. As he rubs or performs cunnilingus on her vagina, her vibrator responds in rhythm, letting her to feel his caresses.

Who is it intended for?

While the majority of teledildonics are designed for heterosexuals, several can also be used by queer and nonbinary couples.

Teledildonics, clearly designed with long-distance lovers in mind, has altered the way couples cope with distance and longing. They may look into their lover's eyes, hear their voice, and even "feel" them intimately with the click of a smartphone or tablet. Of course, nothing surpasses in-person closeness, but this is about as fantastic as remote sex gets.

But, before you go out and buy a plane ticket for your loved one, keep in mind that you don't have to be on the other side of the world to be a potential user of this handy little gadget. Whether you're separated by the great blue sea or just your own walls, all couples can enjoy the novelty and excitement that only a teledildonic can provide.

I can't tell you how exciting it is when my partner and I are both at work and suddenly, my toy vibrates inside of me. He sometimes teases me with it all day, turning it on and off; when we finally meet up that evening, the intimacy is tremendous and overwhelming. Perhaps my favourite moment was when he excused himself from a dinner party we were attending, and I could feel my toy moving inside of me before I knew it. We couldn't stop giving each other cheeky smiles and winks when he returned to the table. At its finest, intimacy!

"I can't tell you how thrilling it is when my partner and I are both at our jobs, and all of a sudden, I feel my toy vibrating inside of me."

Long-distance couples aren't the only ones who have embraced this new and fascinating technology. Sex workers and adult movie producers are also involved. Teledildonics enhances remote sex work (web-cam-phone interface) by letting clients to communicate with the provider in real time. As the sex worker fallsates their dildo, the man on the other end of the line with the credit card may "feel" it. For most guys, this is a far safer option than going to a brothel, and far more personal than simply masturbating to an adult movie. Similarly, a consumer might connect their toy to an adult movie and feel as if they were a co-star in the film. I'll be having sex with Tyler Nixon and James Deen tonight!

Just the beginning

We are only at the start of this fascinating new venture, and I, for one, can't wait to watch how remote sex toys develop and the impact they will have on our lives and how we engage with sex. It is already changing the game, and as always, some will enjoy it and some will not. Long-distance couples will almost probably find remote sex devices to be their salvation, alleviating the agony of their condition. Intimacy in a long-distance relationship no longer has to be purely imaginary; couples may now experience every caress, every touch, delicate or hard.

"Feel every caress, every touch, be it soft or rough."

Should you buy one?

Sure, you can send your sweetheart an erotic text message or a hot selfie to let them know you're thinking of them. But then you'll be the same as everyone else. Boring! Let them know with your teledildonic if you want to take it to a deliciously thrilling and innovative level.

I'll leave you with this, inspired by one of those UberEats commercials: "Tonight I'll be having sex with my favourite adult stars."

I'm sending you positive vibes.

As always, I welcome any feedback! Tell me what you think: do you like remote sex toys? Would you buy one for yourself? What are the primary benefits and drawbacks? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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