Prostate Massagers: How to Use Them
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Prostate Massagers: How to Use Them

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Prostate Massagers: How to Use Them

Prostate massages are a somewhat unknown aspect of sexuality for most men. 

Society isn't exactly a judgment-free zone, and the stigma associated with prostate pleasure might make it feel inappropriate to learn more about the instruments and how to use a prostate massager. And we think that's nonsense. We've come to become strange.

Whether you've previously used a prostate massager, want to add a toy to something that has previously been a manual workout, or are a pure rookie exploring a personal taboo, here is an educational and judgment-free zone. Welcome.

We have a lot of information to provide about these toys and prostate massage techniques, but before we get into the instruction manual, let's start with the obvious: what is a prostate massager?

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What exactly is a Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are primarily used to induce a prostate orgasm. These gadgets are frequently 1) electrical and 2) curved to naturally point toward the prostate to offer feelings by stroking, pushing, or vibrating.

Prostate orgasms are regarded to be more intense than penile orgasms because the last spasms engage more muscles (a dozen vs four or five in a penile orgasm).

Each person's stimulation needs vary, but much like masturbation, you'll get the hang of it with some practice, lube, and the appropriate-sized device (more on that later).

That these devices point to the "male G-spot" or "the P-spot" for your amusement. While the concept of a P-spot isn't scientifically proven, anyone who's had the confidence to stimulate their prostate (or let someone else do it) would agree that science isn't required — all you need is a prostate massager.

Prostate Massagers: Do They Work?

Aside from testimonials about intense orgasms, you won't find answers to many modern queries about the benefits of implanting a particular vibrator in oneself, such as does a prostate massage help with impotence.

Despite the fact that many people have experienced prostate-induced orgasm, little research has been conducted. Actually, there is so little information that even expert medical literature and reviews point to anecdotal data from less medically competent sources - the sort we don't usually quote.

These well-known blogs and websites are also the greatest available resources for product reviews and guidance on prostate massage "best practices," so we're primarily compelled to rely on them for our own knowledge.

What we can tell you is that while prostate orgasms may be more pleasurable for some people than penile orgasms, they also tend to take more time and practice to obtain. We're all for nice things in life that take time and work — albeit this may be lighter on the "effort" side and heavier on the "time" side.\


Use of a Prostate Massager

Though "prostate massager" could be a career, it usually refers to a vast collection of sex devices created specifically to massage your prostate and add some extra stimulation to your sexual activities.

A prostate stimulator is distinct from a butt plug, which, while delightful as a sexual experience, has no effect on your prostate.

These devices may take some time to insert safely and comfortably, so rather than winging it, consider the following guide to how to do it correctly the first (and subsequent) time:

Perhaps it is self-evident, but your anus and a zucchini do not mix. As a result, both novices and specialists should use a body-safe product formulated for prostate play. If it's a shared toy, think about using a condom.

Begin slowly and with lubrication. Rather than forcing a toy into yourself, you should wait for your muscles to relax. By the way, while you're waiting for your rectum to relax, massage your perineum.

Once inside, the following step is to discover the best spots to stimulate yourself. The prostate gland is a fleshy bulb located on the other side of the anal canal, behind your bladder. Your goal is to find that place.

This is the exciting part. Remember that prostate milking and massaging are not the same as anal sex. Continue anal play until you achieve orgasm, ejaculation, tantric pleasure, or whatever your aim is.

After your session, wash, disinfect, and keep your massager in a secure location. Replace it if it becomes damaged or begins to show symptoms of wear. You may not mind parking a 20-year-old beater automobile in your garage, but you should have higher standards for stuff you park within yourself.

These devices are intended to stimulate the prostate glands in a variety of ways. They may have multiple vibration modes or may generate internal stimulation simply being moved around. A water-based lubricant will aid in entrance and mobility.

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Is it safe to use prostate massagers?

Unlike your prostate after reading this article, the science of the safety and efficacy of prostate massage for medical purposes has not been thoroughly researched. The same may be said for their safety.

While there is no medical research on the long-term consequences of using anal toys for prostate stimulation, it is safe to say that many men do so safely and without any negative effects.

Twenty years ago, scientific reviews referred to a small amount of anecdotal data, biased opinions, and small-scale research to suggest that prostate massage could be effective in treating illnesses such as chronic prostatitis, or prostate inflammation.

Many physicians currently do not suggest the procedure for most illnesses, such as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).

In terms of health hazards, there have been allegations that some silicone and other toys can transfer infections such as HPV, however there are three key risks to be aware of:

It's becoming stuck. There's a reason horror stories involving items in asses exist. We'll skip the anatomical horror stories and simply say that nothing should ever go in too far to be securely removed. If you use a hands-free or remote control device, ensure sure the base is flared so it doesn't get lost.

It is not kept clean. A dirty toy can spread bacteria and viruses from person to person, but even if you're the only user, failing to clean your toy after each use invites illness.

Toys that have been damaged are producing problems. Although a split in silicone or jelly may appear insignificant, the sharp edges and fissures caused by defective materials can pressure, tear, and cut your rectal wall. Your top priority should be to avoid such experience.

Should You Experiment With Prostate Toys?

Should you experiment with a prostate massager? That is entirely up to you — in part because it will be entirely up to you.

Personal preference, as well as your level of familiarity with your own body and this particular sort of stimulation, are all good grounds to make a decision. It's your a$$, your prostate, and no one else's business. Before you go any farther, you should ask yourself a few probing questions, such as:

Do you do it for yourself?

If you're on the fence or aren't overly excited about the prospect, ask yourself why you're even considering something that doesn't sound right up your alley (or butt).

Do You Want to Recreate the Magic?

Is it to make things more interesting? To reintroduce some excitement into the bedroom? If you're losing that spark, talk to a mental health expert about your worries.

We're not trying to lecture you on erectile dysfunction and other forms of sexual dysfunction, but if you're struggling with psychological causes of ED (or physical ones, for that matter), things in the bedroom could be a little lackluster right now.

Do You Have Performance Issues?

This is something that many males experience. If things aren't functioning as well as they used to, talk to your doctor about drugs like Cialis® (tadalafil) and Viagra® (sildenafil). These phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors can save you from turning soft at the worst possible time.

Medication, combined with certain types of therapy (such as online counseling), may be the tools you require to reactivate your status.

You should also consider lifestyle factors such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug usage, as well as your food and exercise. Sexual dysfunction does not have to be the result of a single cause, but these are the most typical causes.

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The Last Word on Prostate Massagers

When done properly and softly, with time for muscles to relax, using a prostate massager is not harmful. It may potentially deliver some of the most stimulating sexual encounters of your life over time. However, bringing one inside your bedroom is entirely up to you.

Prostate orgasms can be extremely pleasurable. Proponents of prostate vibrators think prostate orgasms are the bee's knees, despite what the medical profession says.

As long as you follow the rules, using a prostate massager is safe. Use task-specific equipment and take it easy. Treat your butt as if it were a museum, not a highway. Explore at your leisure.

A prostate massager is unlikely to help with sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction and prostate massages are an exciting but understudied field of medicine, but the solution does not appear to be up anyone's sleeve.

The rest is all up to you. If you're ready to hunt for inconspicuous packaging and are open to the experience, now is the time to test prostate massagers.

Consider our variety of toys if you're ready to try something new – Hims has lots of ways to spice up your intimacy with safe and fun-to-use devices. Have fun exploring!

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