How To Select An Anal Toy?
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How To Select An Anal Toy?

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How To Select An Anal Toy?

Anal play can broaden your sexual repertoire while also providing incredible pleasure and heightened orgasms. What's the best thing about anal play? It is suitable for all ages! The anal entrance is teeming with sensitive nerve endings that crave stimulation. There's much more fun to be had inside the butt. Because the clitoral legs extend to the anus, many people with vaginas feel anal pleasure. When stimulated, most people with penises have a prostate gland, which can facilitate strong orgasms.

Of course, we believe in using sex toys during anal play. Toys are a fun way to experience with the various sensations of anal stimulation. Choosing an anal toy may appear to be a hard affair, but we're here to take the guesswork out of the equation. Don't worry; it won't take long, and you'll be able to play with your butt shortly!

Before we begin assisting you in finding the butt toy of your dreams, there are a few ground rules for anal play.

When playing analogically, always apply lubrication! A thick, cushioning lubrication, such as Sliquid Sassy, Almost Naked, or Sutil Rich Fine Botanical Lubricant, is recommended. Pick up some lubrication Tubes for a more focused lubrication experience. If you're using a non-silicone toy, you can use a silicone lube like Uberlube or Migliori Lubricant, which is a thicker silicone lubricant with the cushion of a water-based but the slickness of a silicone. Lube is required because the butt does not self-lubricate. The rectum's walls are delicate and thin, and excessive friction might irritate them. Lube substantially minimizes friction, resulting in a smooth and delightful encounter.

Make it a rule in your ass that only toys with flared bases are allowed. Without a flared base, the toy could become entangled in your intestines, necessitating a trip to the emergency room.

Relax and take your time. If you're new to anal play, have an orgasm beforehand, or have someone massage you to relax your anal sphincter muscles. Communicate with anyone who is using an anal toy on you at all times. If you start to feel pain while playing with your toy, stop.

To avoid vaginal infection, never put a toy in your ass and then place it in your vagina. Use a condom on the toy and replace it when switching orifices if you wish to do this.

Determine your level of experience — and be truthful about it.

When it comes to anal toys, size is the most crucial consideration above all others. It may be tempting to be overly enthusiastic and try to test your ass, but you should proceed with caution. The butt is sensitive, and toys frequently appear larger than they are. Some of our anal toys come in multiple sizes, allowing you to go to larger diameters as you progress along your anal trip. If you're interested in that, check out the Pleasure Plugs, Fun Factory Booties in three sizes, and Pure Plugs.

If you've ever used your fingers for anal penetration, that's a decent method to figure out what size anal toy you'll need (toys are normally measured by diameter, so estimate diameter). Here are some tips for selecting a size based on your degree of experience.

You've never used an anal toy before, or you've only used small anal toys or your finger for anal penetration. Stick having a 0-1′′ diameter and a lightweight or bendable substance (hard plastic or silicone). Purchase a toy that does not appear to be particularly long. Avoid toys with unusual shapes or textures, as well as those that protrude significantly in the middle. Finally, keep things simple! The Baby Carrot Butt Plug, the small size Pleasure Plug, Portland Toy Company Gem, Aneros Helix Syn, and Fuze Quattro are our favorite beginner toys. You'll most likely need a butt plug (more on these below), which allows your body to acclimate to the sensation of anal penetration.

Intermediate: You've used anal toys before and are ready to try something new or something a little larger. Stay within the 1-1.5′′ diameter range. You can progress to heavier materials, such as glass, or include movement, such as with the b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite. Perhaps anal beads are appealing. Many people enjoy vibrating anal toys, and one of our favorites is the We-Vibe Ditto, which is also app-compatible!

Advanced: You already know who you are. You want something enormous and commanding, with a diameter of 1.5′′ or greater. With its weight and bulk (not to mention its shininess! ), the big Pure Plug is certainly right up your alley. If you can tolerate additional length, consider dildos with flared bases. Check out the Pure Plug 2.0 or the OxBalls Rosebud Plug if you consider yourself an extremely advanced player.

What exactly do you want it to do?

The big question is whether you want this item to stay in your ass or move about. Remember this answer. If you have a prostate, you might be interested in a toy designed specifically to stimulate it. Perhaps you're seeking for something to penetrate a partner with, in which case you'll want a harness- and butt-compatible dildo. There are various varieties of anal toys, each designed to stimulate in a distinct way.

Butt plugs are the most popular sort of anal toy for both beginners and experienced users. They should be placed and then left inside. Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all feature a small "neck" around which the sphincter naturally closes, just before their flared base. Butt plugs help to relax and open up the anus because they stay inside. They can be worn to create a feeling of fullness during almost any activity, from intercourse to masturbation to grocery shopping. A butt plug may even heighten your orgasms during sexual activity, as your muscles constrict around the plug.

Anal beads are a set of linked, often graduated spheres that have come a long way in recent years. They used to be dreadful little PVC beads strung on cords (yes, actual strings). There are now silicone-free versions available, such as the Blush Novelties Luxe Silicone 10 Anal Beads and the Petite Sensations Pearls. They're floppy and can be manipulated in any direction. Anal beads should be inserted one at a time so that you can take your time and let your body to adjust to the sensation before inserting more beads. The best part is that you have control over how full you feel!

Anal beads may shift around and arouse you when utilized during vaginal intercourse. 

They can also be softly manipulated before or during orgasm, such that the bursting of the beads coincides with your muscular contractions for a more intense climax.

Prostate toys: Prostate toys are designed to stimulate the prostate gland in those who have one. When aroused, the prostate is about 2 inches inside the anus and can provide distinct pleasure and intense orgasms. The prostate, like the G-spot, responds well to curved objects. Many toys made for prostate stimulation, such as the Duke and We-Vibe Vector, are intended to work hands-free. G-spot toys with flared/pronounced bases can also be utilized as prostate massagers. (Hint: if you're a skilled player, the Pure Wand may simply blow your mind.)

Dildos: Any dildo with a flared base will work for anal play. Everything marked "harness compatible" (both vibrating and non-vibrating) is safe. Dildos are frequently longer than butt plugs, so be sure you can handle the length first. Dildos can be used either hand-held or in a harness. Look for a dildo with a soft curvature, a smooth texture, and a diameter that your partner can handle if you'll be anally piercing someone with a strap-on. We favor the Mistress and Trinket, or for realism, the Spur or Mustang. Similar to the Fuze Tango Real, double-ended dildos can be used with or without a harness.

Just a few more questions!

At this stage, you most likely have a decent concept of what you want! You already know what size and type of toy appeals to you. There are only two additional questions to consider. These should be enough to seal the sale.

Which material do I prefer? Silicone is a versatile substance that heats quickly to body temperature. Then there are smooth, firm materials that are perfect for targeted stimulation, such as wood, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. The weight of a substance can also increase the intensity of stimulation. The heaviest (most intense) material is stainless steel, followed by glass, silicone, wood, and plastic. All of these materials are non-porous and safe for the body, but the heavier materials should be utilized with caution.

Do I want it to ring? Vibrations might help you relax your butt, but they can also tickle! Still, one of the best parts about vibrating toys is that you don't have to use them if you don't want to, so if you're interested, check out our vibrating plugs, vibrating prostate massagers, and vibrating dildos!

What should I do now?

Hopefully, this information has assisted you in locating the ideal anal toy for you! We carry various books regarding anal sex, such as Anal Pleasure & Health and Anal Sex Basics: The Beginner's Guide to Maximizing Anal Pleasure for Every Body, for more in-depth knowledge on things anal.

Finally, if you have any further questions, please contact us using the web chat tool located in the lower left-hand corner of our website. We'd be delighted to assist!

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