Do You Know about Anal Sex Toys?
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Do You Know about Anal Sex Toys?

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Do You Know about Anal Sex Toys?

This is another very well-known genre of anal sex toys, however many people associate it with cheaply made novelty beads that are more about a visual joke or pun than a real toy. Anal beads, on the other hand, can be a seriously erotic and unique sort of stimulation. They are just what they sound like: a string of little beads or bulbs (either the same size, rising in size, or varying in size) with a ring or grip at one end. The beads are lubed and inserted, then the ring is used to draw them out one at a time. The pull can be quick or gradual, employed to increase stimulation for the sake of stimulation, or timed to coincide with orgasms to intensify them.

While the beads themselves are rather solid, the toy as a whole is usually quite flexible. The beads can be placed flush against one another or separated by a thin flexible "cord" I put "cord" in quotes because it's advisable to look for a high-quality silicone set. It's impossible to know if ones with actual strings or cords between the beads have been fully cleaned, and strings can break with the toy inside you. Cheap plastic or jelly is also not suitable for the body, and those constructed of "natural stone" may contain permeable or toxic components.


Using a vibrator to stimulate your anus can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your game! You don't necessary need a special form of vibrator for anal play (though avoid using bullet vibes or other styles that don't have a broader base for any kind of insertion), but a vibrating plug like the We-Vibe Ditto that allows for hands-free play may be useful.

Most folks will find the most enjoyment by utilizing a vibrator outside of the anus or just slightly inside. More deeply, the nerves respond to pressure or fullness rather than vibration and friction. You may also wish to try with different sorts of vibe—for example, you may discover that you like a "buzz" sensation on your clitoris and a deeper "rumble" sensation on your booty, or that a pulsing sensation feels better inside your anus than a continuous rhythm.

6.Black-Thrusting Anal Vibrator Prostate Massager

Insertables & Dildos

To enjoy anal penetration, you don't have to be willing or able to take an erect penis inside you. There are numerous sizes, shapes, and types of insertable toys that may be used in the same way and will meet the demands and wishes of your body.

You might love providing or receiving anal penetration with a strap-on harness and dildo (see our post about strap-on sex for how-to's and equipment! ), or you and your partner can insert and thrust a dildo or wand-style device with your hands. You'll find everything from a very slim, smooth dildo to ones with ridges or bumps for increased friction, bead-like bulbs, and ones designed to appear and feel as close to human penises as possible. Some harnesses allow you to experiment with double penetration using a dildo and a human penis, or two dildos.

Pleasure on the P-spot

There's also a whole category of gadgets intended specifically to stimulate the prostate through the rectum wall, which can be quite enjoyable and lead to more intense orgasms in some people. Aneros is a market leader in this toy area, offering a variety of plug-like prostate toys that are specially designed to detect and stimulate the P-spot. The Helix is a particularly popular design, having a base grip that enables for both hands-free use and manual stimulation.

Toys for P-spot play will typically have a form or curvature that will rub up against the rectum wall where it contacts the prostate gland. The Njoy PFun Plug combines a butt plug with a prostate-stimulating design; the Fun Wand's curves and knobs are also excellent for P-spot play. (And their toys are constructed of medical-grade stainless steel, which makes them both satisfyingly heavy and easy to clean.)

Toys with a Big Bang

Without mentioning impact toys, no list of butt play toys would be complete! Of course, like the stimulation of rimming, penetration, or vibes does not imply that you will enjoy being spanked, flogged, caned, or paddled, but there are many people who enjoy having every area of their booty emphasized. Impact play can provide a rush of endorphins, allowing those who want to become a little kinky to relax and turn-on enough to make anal penetration easier and more pleasurable. Because it stimulates so many pleasure areas at once, some people enjoy wearing a normal or vibrating butt plug while experiencing impact play.

The Exotic—Not for Novices

I'm posting these toys only to explain what they are because you may have heard of them, but they're really for serious anal enthusiasts with the expertise and experience to use them securely.

The first are a couple of butt plug varieties. Inflatable butt plugs are exactly what they sound like—they start off medium-sized and have a bulb attached (similar to a blood pressure cuff) that expands them to a bigger girth. There are also hollow or "tunnel" plugs, which are exactly what they sound like: butt plugs with a hollow core that promote anal stretching or other types of more intense play.

Anal hooks are also not a toy for beginners. They are enormous heavy hooks that are usually made of steel and have one or more balls at the hook end and some form of ring at the other end. The balls are put into the anus with the rest of the hook pointing upward (up the back), and the ring is used in a bondage configuration to create "predicament bondage" (where the person in bondage cannot move without causing discomfort). Using these without understanding what you're doing can result in significant injury, so don't do it on your own.

Keep in mind to clean!

While I'd like to dispel the misconception that anal play is "dirty" (it isn't—if you wipe correctly and take a shower before having anal play, you'll be perfectly clean), it's equally critical not to overlook the clean-up portion of play.

Sticking to body-safe materials that can be properly cleaned, such as silicone, borosilicate glass, and steel, is one of the greatest methods to make clean-up easier. You can clean your toys with soap and water, but a good toy cleaner, such as Mighty Tidy, will disinfect and sterilize them. You should also place a towel or several paper towels on any location where you'll place used toys while you're still having sex.

Are you ready to start playing?

With so many toys to try, not to mention innumerable books and videos to help answer all your questions and show you how to use everything, there's a whole world of pleasure out there waiting for you to discover! Even though it might be difficult to overcome initial embarrassment or shyness about being interested in backdoor action, it is well worth the effort. Remember, the educators and staff at your local education-focused adult boutique have heard it all. Bring us your questions and we'll assist you in getting started!

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