Dildos and vibrators are not interchangeable, so which is best for you?
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Dildos and vibrators are not interchangeable, so which is best for you?

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Dildos and vibrators are not interchangeable, so which is best for you?

Dildos and vibrators are not interchangeable, so which is best for you?

Sex toys come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but do you know what each one is for?

The two most frequent sorts of sex toys are vibrators and dildos, each with their own distinct style and application.

Despite certain similarities, dildos and vibrators can differ substantially in terms of design and function.

Here, we explain the difference between a vibrator and a dildo, as well as how each type of toy may be used to improve your sex life.

What's the distinction between a vibrator and a dildo?

What exactly is a vibrator?

Simply put, a vibrator is any sex item with a vibrating action. They are available in a number of styles and for a variety of reasons.

While dildos are typically used to stimulate internal erogenous zones, a vibrator can be used either internally or externally to stimulate virtually any sensitive spot.

To mention a few, there are clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, P-spot vibrators, and vibrating cock rings.

Vibrators, like dildos, can be enjoyed by penis or vulva owners - sometimes even simultaneously! Vibrators can be made of a variety of materials, including silicone, plastic, and metal, and each has an inherent mechanism that allows it to vibrate.

The first 'vibrator' was really powered by steam. Today, thankfully, this technology has been replaced by a charger or batteries.

Most vibrators have at least one speed, but any product worth its salt will have a variety of vibrating speeds, intensities, and patterns to keep things interesting.

What exactly is a dildo?

A phallic-shaped device used for sexual play and pleasure is known as a dildo. It is generally modeled after an erect penis and takes on its general shape.

(You'll quickly notice that most dildos aren't visually comparable to a penis. In fact, you can find them shaped like hands, arms, tongues, tentacles, cones, and anything else you can think of.)

Dildos are thought to be the oldest sex toys, with the first discovered 28,000 years ago.

While the model was constructed of stone, there are now silicone dildos, plastic, glass, latex, steel, crystal, and other materials available. Some materials are more secure than others. NORMAL prefers silicone that is harmless for the body.

Finally, dildos are basic items that frequently lack mechanical function. They are primarily designed for penetrative use and can be used by anyone who appreciates internal stimulation, whether alone or in groups.

After reading the introduction, let's go into the nuances of each style.

Various types of sex toys

Vibrators of various types

Climax Finger Shaped Waterproof vibratorV0602 (6)

Vibrating Rabbit

The Rabbit is an original vibrator. It debuted in the 1980s and rose to cult status in the 1990s and beyond with a guest appearance on the first season of Sex and the City.

It got its name from a little extension projecting from the shaft's base, which ends in two-pronged 'ears' like rabbit's.

The Rabbit vibrator (like NORMAL's Piper) is utilized inside by massaging your g-spot with the phallic shaft while the extension vibrates against your clitoris.

It's the Rabbit's amazing multitasking that has kept enthusiasts interested nearly 40 years after its initial introduction.

Vibrating bunny

The vibrating wand

The wand vibrator, like the Rabbit, is a sex toy legend. It first emerged on the market as a personal massager in the 1960s, but it wasn't long before people noticed its proclivity for sexual stimulation.

The handheld device is distinguished by a spherical knob at the end of a lengthy handle. The sphere can be pressed against the clitoris and labia for great sexual pleasure in persons who have vaginas.

The wand is highly suggested for vulva-owners who are having difficulty achieving orgasm due to its great vibrational capability. People with penises, on the other hand, do not have to miss out on the pleasure.

Massage the perineum, or any other sensitive area, using the wand. NORMAL's Charlie is a conventional wand vibrator that will provide hours of pleasure.

vibrator wand

Bullet Vibrating Machine

The bullet vibrator is a small, portable vibrator that is ideal for on-the-go entertainment.

The bullet vibrator is small and slender, often measuring less than four inches in length, and can be slipped into your pocket or purse and brought wherever you need to go.

Because of their small size, these sex toys are not suitable for internal usage. Use them instead for targeted external stimulation, such as against the clitoral hood or perineum.

greatest bullet vibrator

Vibrator with G-spot

These vibrators are made out of a rod or shaft with a small bend that is designed to stimulate your g-spot.

Internal pleasure can be found by massaging the g-spot or A-spot in a "come hither" motion towards the belly button if you have vulvas.

Check out our whole guide to using a g-spot vibrator, and if you need a recommendation, we offer our Darcy g-spot vibrator.

g vibrating spot

The Clit vibrator

These vibrators are specifically developed for clitoral stimulation.

While all of the vibrators listed above can stimulate the clitoris, including internally used dildos and vibrators (remember, the clitoris has 'arms'! ), clit vibrators are toys that target the clitoral hood and exterior regions of the clitoris.

A suction vibrator, such as NORMAL's Quinn, is a popular option. The hand-held device has a small, circular hole that is to be placed over the clitoral hood. The device then vibrates and/or pulses air directly against the clitoris to simulate the sensation of oral intercourse.

Palm vibrators, like as the Billie, are another alternative for vulva and clit stimulation. These can be cupped or laid over the vulva for gentle stimulation.

vibrator for licking clits

cock ring that vibrates

To provide additional pleasure to a penis owner and maybe their partner, a vibrating cock ring is often placed around the base of the penis.

Cock rings can be worn alone or in tandem. If your spouse has a vagina, place it to stimulate their clitoris or labia during penetrative intercourse.

cock ring that vibrates

Dildos of many varieties

Dildo vibrating

Simply put, a vibrating dildo is one that vibrates. It has the characteristic phallic form of a dildo and ranges in length from four to six inches (but is not limited to!).

A vibrating dildo, like all vibrators, will be battery powered or rechargeable.

Internally, vibrating dildos are probably best used to stimulate the erogenous zones of the vagina or anus. However, a vibrating dildo can be held against the clitoris or any other external area of the body to reap the benefits of its vibration.

Consider what you want to use a vibrating dildo for before purchasing one, as different shapes and sizes can better target your g-spot, p-spot, a-spot, and so on.

Dildo in a glass

Some individuals are perplexed when they learn that a sex toy is constructed of glass.

Glass sex toys, on the other hand, are composed of borosilicate glass, which is a highly robust, non-porous, and shatter-proof substance.

Borosilicate glass, like other rigid dildo materials (e.g., crystal, plastic, metal), can be more effective at targeting specific targets.

Another advantage of borosilicate glass is that it can be readily warmed and cooled, which is useful for individuals who want to experiment with temperature or sterilize a toy in boiling water.

Crystal dildo

Crystal dildos, sometimes known as healing wands, have grown in popularity during the 'Goop period' of wellness, with some claiming they provide healing properties and a more intense connection to one's libido.

They are typically conical or cylindrical in shape and appearance, with a rounded tip.

Cleaning sex toys properly is essential for avoiding leftover bacteria and the risk of illness when using any porous object internally.

Dildo with dual ends

Dildos with two ends are designed to be used by two individuals at the same time or by one person (vaginally and/or anally).

The shaft is long - normally 11 to 18 inches - with symmetrical, phallic-shaped ends for penetrating.

Dildo on a strap

A strap-on dildo is attached to a harness at the base, which is fastened around the wearer's hips and groin.

These sex devices allow people who don't have penises to have hands-free, penetrating sex. A strap-on is often worn by a vulva-owner and used to penetrate their partner, however they are suitable for anyone.

Dildos as a representation

A representational dildo is intended to resemble a penis as closely as possible, typically including testicles and textural skin elements such as veins.

They come in a variety of lengths and widths, but they all strive to look authentic.

For a more flexible, human-like effect, a representational dildo is often composed of silicone or rubber.

Dildos with no representation

The shape and appearance of a non-representational dildo are more sculptural and abstract. In fact, they do not resemble penises at all.

They can range from simple, sleek, and straight to curved versions with spherical tips, bulbs, and more.

Dildo suction cup

These dildos have a suction cup base that sticks to objects, allowing you to enjoy them without using your hands. Stick it to the wall, floor, or table to experiment with different positions.

Suction dildos are mostly used for self-gratification, though partners may enjoy playing the voyeur.

Suction cup dildos are perfect for folks who use a universal strap-on harness because to their flared base.

the distinction between a dildo and a vibrator

Selecting the Best Sex Toy for You

Finding out what you want is half the fun of having a fulfilling sex life.

NORMAL wants to make sure you get the correct toy for you, whether you're new to sex toys, want to learn more about the numerous sex toy sensations, or want to explore certain needs.

Take our quick sex toy questionnaire to get your personalized sex toy recommendation.

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